How to Grow Anything in a Grow Tent

Growing your own plants and vegetables can be an enjoyable experience if you know what you’re doing. It can be costly and a pain in the ass if you don’t!

Here is our easy to follow guide to growing in a grow tent.

Do your research

This is a no brainer but it’s one many skip.

Before you start familiarize yourself with the basics of growing whatever it is you decide to grow. Go on Google it, “how to grow tomatoes” or whatever your going to grow. The internet is a wealth of knowledge, don’t forget to use it.

Specifically your looking for which temperatures they like, the humidity they like, what PH levels do they like, how big will they grow? How long will it take for them to grow? Etc etc.

Get everything before you start

Don’t plant a single seed until you have everything you need and setup. That means your light, fan, filter, grow tent, growing medium, pots, nutrients. Get everything you need before you start!

Rushing out to get something to solve a problem after it occurs is going to cause you stress and get you poor results. Remember it’s supposed to be fun!

Get the right light for your tent size

For you plants to survive, thrive and yield huge results you need light, lots of it and the right kind.

It all depends on how many plants and how much space your using. Ideally you’re looking for at least 100 watts per metre squared. The more the better.

There are many types of light to choose from, when you buy a grow kit from we automatically match your light to the tent size, so there is no need to worry about it if you decide to buy from us.

Ventilation is key to healthy plants

When it comes to ventilation you can never have to much of it. Plants are used to being outside in the fresh air, you have to mimic that the best you can. By removing the hot humid air you are preventing mould whilst also replenishing the supply of CO2 that plants need to synthesize.

Here at we supply all our grow tent kits with enough ventilation to clear our grow tents 30 times per hour which is more than enough to keep your plants big and fresh.

Start with a simple grow method

Before you go running off to try the latest and greatest grow method you’ve read about, start with the basics. Those people have years of experience and many grows under their belt so they know what they are doing.

If you’ve never grown anything before then stick to soil & some pots, it’s easy and not much can go wrong. Once you’ve perfected that move onto bigger and better things. Crawl before you walk.

Stick to one line of nutrients per grow

You will know that they have a metric ton of products that claim they make your plants grow faster, bigger and taste better but mixing different brands of nutrients can cause lockout and a number of other problems.

Pick a single brand of nutrients and use only that one line. Most brands have a complete line of nutrient packages to give you the best results possible. Once you have a few grows under your belt try adding some of the boosters and compare it with previous results.

Cleanliness is king

Don’t leave trash in your grow tent, it invites pests, bugs and could be a safety hazard if you’re using HPS lighting.

If you pull off dead leaves or trim your plants put the waste in a bag and put it in the bin immediately, this will decrease the likelihood of any pest invasions, as the old adage goes “cleanliness is next to godliness”

It all starts with good genes

When purchasing seeds don’t go with the cheapest you can find or some your mate gave you.

Sure they will probably be fine but good plants start with good genes, if you want the juiciest tomatoes then fork out a little for a good set of seeds. This goes back to point #1 do your research!

That’s it!

To sum it it, don’t over complicate things, here is the key points:

  • Research your plant and find out optimum growing conditions
  • Make sure you have everything you need before you need it
  • Enough space for your plant size
  • If new then go with soil
  • Plenty of light is key
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Good quality nutrients of the same brand
  • Keep your grow room clean or else!

It’s hard work creating the right environment for your plants. The end result is always rewarding though.


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