Plant Food : The Basics

Nutrients are an extremely important aspect when it comes to growing crops. All newer growers and those about to start up should have knowledge of the best nutrients that will help your plants grow healthily. There are two main aspects that need to be thought of when it comes to picking the nutrients you will use to grow, these aspects are how much you are willing to spend and which type of nutrients you are going to use (Synthetic or Organic).

NPK – The Nutrient Building Block

No matter if you use organic or synthetic nutrients you still need to pick a good quality product that has a low ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K). If there are high traces of these chemicals found it can bring harm to the growing plants.

When it comes to organic or synthetic, organic and natural nutrients are a clear cut winner for thousands of growers worldwide for a large number of reasons. Some of the reasons to go with organic nutrients instead of synthetic ones are that they allow for an environment friendly way of feeding your plants while also producing a chemical free and very tasty final yield.

Should I use organic nutrients?

Growing crops using organic and friendly nutrients from day one allows new growers to experience their plants and fruits of labour at their finest. A grower that uses natural nutrients over synthetic ones can eventually become skilful enough in the hobby to eliminate the need of any manmade, unnatural nutrients.

One favourite organic nutrient product that beginner growers should try is BioBizz. Many growers have heard that when using organic nutrients instead of synthetic nutrient you produce lower yields in comparison but in return the organic crops provide better taste. With BioBizz, there is no lack of yield and still a wonderful taste in the fruit and veg produced. This organic nutrient product is an easy way to provide your plants with the nutrients it needs for healthy, optimal growth.

Canna Bio organic nutrients is also another one we’d recommend.

BioBizz is priced very fairly and is not an expensive natural, organic nutrient when compared to many other organic products. This can eliminate the argument of ‘organic costs more’ when compared to synthetic nutrients. The many reasons above are what make BioBizz a great nutrient product for all growers, both beginners and experienced.

The new growers can expect great results from yields with plants that are cared for and provided with the correct nutrients.


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