What is hydroponic growing and the benefits from growing with them Hydroponics is a hydroculture subset, and its main focus is on growing plants without the need of soil. In order to do it, you will have to use a water solvent filled with mineral nutrient solutions that will allow plants to grow naturally and […]

Raising Cuttings And Seedlings. To help make propagation easy, take a look at the following eight suggestions. 1. Start more Seeds than you Need, and Take more Cuttings as well Failures can and will happen, and you will need a backup supply when they do. Should those failures not occur, you have done well! Simply […]

Grow Room Cleaning And Temperature Control Tips Spring has sprung and the temperatures are climbing. The bugs are in breeding mode so this checklist will be a huge help to you. When the weather gets warm pests become a problem as well. They can really wreak havoc on your plants. Here is how you put […]

Forget about choosing grow lights according to initial investment alone. To do so ignores the overall economic factors. Better lights last longer, provider better yields and cost less to run than other, cheaper brands. This results in significant savings. Find out below just what you can save by switching. Here are the factors you need […]

There is a question that many growers both beginner and experienced find themselves asking and it is ‘should I use Organic Nutrients or Synthetic Nutrients? Which are better? A heated discussion There have been countless arguments about which nutrients are better for your plants and crops within your grow room and space. The truth is […]

There are many different methods and techniques when growing your crops hydroponically. Each hydroponic technique is unique and growers have great reasons for choosing the method they use. However, there are newer hydroponic growing methods that a lot of growers are unaware of and may find extremely useful and helpful in their hydroponic garden. The techniques […]

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