Do LED grow lights really work?

Almost every day someone claims LED grow lights are the best thing since sliced bread. On another day someone else says they don’t.

Which one of these claims should you believe? Do LED grow lights work?!

Short answer….. YES!

Long answer…. Keep reading.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

If you want to skip the reading just watch this:

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What are LED grow lights & how do they work?

LED lights are more efficient than most other kinds of light. They draw less power and last much longer. NASA pioneered the technique of using this type of light to grow plants.

Just like regular bulbs they can emit different spectrums of light. LED grow lights are made up of hundreds of small LED’s of different spectrums. A regular grow light is usually just one bulb.

How do they compare to CFL & HPS

HPS/HID lighting is still the best type of light out there. CFL and LED are tied for a close 2nd.

If space & money are no issue then choose a standard HPS system for the best results.

If space & money is a problem then choose CFL

If space is a problem but money isn’t then choose LED.

Will I get the same results?

No. HPS lighting systems are still the best type of lighting for greater yields & intensity. If you choose LED grow lights you can expect 70-90% of the yield a comparable HPS system would, depending on your experience.

How much watts do I need for X?

  • 180w = 60 x 60cm (1ft from Canopy)
  • 300w = 91 x 76cm (1ft from Canopy)
  • 600w = 134cm x 134cm (1ft from Canopy)

What are the advantages?

  • Works out cheaper in the long run due to longer life & lower running costs
  • Ideal for small spaces where heat build up can be a problem
  • No nasty surprises with the electricity bill
  • No ballast required
  • Easy to use, ideal for beginners

What are the disadvantages?

  • Lower yield when compared to HPS systems
  • High upfront cost
  • Not ideal for large spaces

Should you use LED grow lights?

That depends entirely on your circumstances. There are situations where LED’s can be very useful.

If you are limited on space and only want to grow a small number of plants then LED lights are ideal but if you want the best of the best and space is no problem then stick with HPS.

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