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Grow Lights, Ballast & Accessories

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Your plants need light to grow. Without it they will wilt, fail and die. Our grow lights are specifically designed to ensure optimum growth. They give out the correct spectrums of light which allows your plants to grow big, strong and produce larger yields. offers a large range of grow light kits & accessories. Whether you're looking for LEDs, HPS, CFLs, replacement bulbs or ballasts we are the one stop shop for all your grow lighting needs.

HPS Grow Lights

The traditional lighting method for indoor growing. HPS light kits consist of a ballast, HPS bulb and reflector. These types of grow lights have been tried and tested. They are available in 250w, 400w & 600w lighting kits. Our HPS grow lights are dual spectrum and are suitable for plants from start to finish. Be aware though that they do give off a lot of heat and unless dealt with they will produce their own problems. To combat this we recommend you get a HPS cool tube kit.

LED Grow Lights

LED's are the new kid on the block, one of the main criticisms of LED grow lights is that they are expensive. Whilst this is true, they are cheaper to run and won't use anywhere near as much electricity as HPS or CFL grow lights whilst also producing similar results. Here at we are firm believiers in LED grow lights, whilst they are still a bit expensive the prices come down every year. Our LED grow lights are available in 180, 300 & 600 wattages.

CFL Grow Lights

CFL grow lights are larger version of your ordinary energy saving light bulb that give off the exact spectrum your plants require. Like LED's they are cheaper to run than your traditional HPS lighting kits and are available in red, blue or dual spectrum variations. You can buy CFL grow lights in 125w, 200w, 250w & 300w.

Grow Light Ballasts

Ballasts are commonly used with HPS or MH grow lights, these allow you to safely use the high powered lighting solutions without the risk of fire or other damage. Because they require so much power you need a ballast otherwise your bulb will just go "POP".

In the end it is down to personal preference. LED lights are cheap to run, last a long time. CFL lights are the same but the lifetime and light penetration is much lower than LED or HPS lights. HPS lighting kits are the traditional grow lights and have been tried and tested, put simply they work! However they do cost more to run and have heat problems.

There is no such thing as the best grow light. All our lights offer everything that your plants need, whether you choose CFL, LED or HPS each of our grow lighting kits have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. If you're looking for our opinion then we recommend either CFL or LED grow lights, both of which are cheaper and much easier to use when compared to traditional HPS lighting kits. If you know what you're doing then HPS and MH grow lights are exactly what you need.