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What is hydroponic growing and the benefits from growing with them Hydroponics is a hydroculture subset, and its main focus is on growing plants without the need of soil. In order to do it, you will have to use a water solvent filled with mineral nutrient solutions that will allow plants to grow naturally and […]

Raising Cuttings And Seedlings. To help make propagation easy, take a look at the following eight suggestions. 1. Start more Seeds than you Need, and Take more Cuttings as well Failures can and will happen, and you will need a backup supply when they do. Should those failures not occur, you have done well! Simply […]

Grow Room Cleaning And Temperature Control Tips Spring has sprung and the temperatures are climbing. The bugs are in breeding mode so this checklist will be a huge help to you. When the weather gets warm pests become a problem as well. They can really wreak havoc on your plants. Here is how you put […]

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