How to Prevent Mould on House Plants

Disease among plants is not an uncommon thing, especially during the colder winter months. It can be difficult for many growers to fight against mildew and mould if they don’t know the best ways to counter them.

Shown below are a couple tips and tricks on how to prevent mould, mildew and other problems happening within your garden or grow room during the winter.

Hereditary Diseases – Be Careful

If you are taking a cutting or clone, one of many causes of disease can come from the parent plant. It is extremely important that you care for the young plant before it begins to vegetate.

Before you begin to grow your new plant clone, take a thorough look at it and make sure there are no signs of mould or mildew on the stem or leaves, diseased clones can give off an odd smell and sometimes appear as dark spots on the plant. Making sure your clone or cutting is healthy before plantation can help prevent mould, mildew and other diseases becoming a problem in the future.

Natural anti mould spray

Another way to stop mildew, mould and diseases becoming problems in the plants early stages is to use natural mould spray. Using a natural spray is recommended because it is never a good idea to treat the young plants with harsh and heavy chemicals. If you are using an indoor grow room, make sure to keep the temperature and humidity at the optimum levels to prevent disease growth.

Mildew and mould being found on your plants during the flowering stage can be extremely worrying and it seems like a good idea to give up on the plant, it’s not. When your plants begin to flower but show signs of disease, it’s not a recommended that you spray chemicals on the plant as you could damage the buds and flowers.

Prevention is the best cure of all

Instead, find and remove any leaves or flower buds that look infected before it spreads. Also remove any extra water found within or around the plants environment. If you have an indoor garden, make sure you keep the grow room ventilated by flowing air. Using fans and exhausts fans are extremely important when having an indoor grow room or garden.

Mould, Mildew and other diseases doesn’t have to be the end of the plants within your grow room. The advice given above can help fight or even fully prevent the mould and mildew that kill off your plants. Remember it is extremely important to keep your plants healthy along with pest and disease free at the early stages otherwise it will not grow strong enough to defend from problems.


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