Grow Room Air Conditioning

Having flowing air for your crops is extremely important, even more so when using and indoor grow room. Moving air keeps the indoor environment feeling more natural and prevents a hot and humid environment.

No ventilation = big problems

If a grow room doesn’t have good ventilation and air flow, the chances of disease spreading among your crops is increased. Keeping multiple rotating fans turned on at either end of your grow room is highly recommended, this will keep the air moving at all hours of the day. Don’t put the fans on full power, only high enough to make it feel like a nice wind that you would generally feel outside in nice weather.

The air movement from these fans is extremely important because it helps spread Co2 across the room evenly. The air movement also helps strengthen the plants stem due to the constant movement it does when being blown around gently by the fans.

Keep calm, carry on venting

Keeping the air moving isn’t the only important thing because you will also need to pump in fresh air from the outside while removing the not so fresh air from the grow room. Purchasing and using an intake fan will continue to bring in fresh air. It is important that you make sure to place your intake fan near the bottom of your grow room, this will keep your grow room cool.

Intake fans will freshen & help keep you cool

To remove the not so fresh air, an exhaust will be needed. Purchasing and placing your exhaust at the top of the grow room will ensure that the extra heat and unpleasant air will be removed because as we all know, heat rises.

It is extremely important that all of these ventilation systems are left on 24 hours a day. Make sure when you are purchasing your exhaust fan that it is large enough for your grow room so that there is very little dirty air inside.

It is recommended that you purchase an exhaust that is able to transfer the air within a couple of minute so measure your grow room and be sure to get an exhaust with a cubic feet per minute rating that is able to do this.


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