Online vs Bricks & Mortar : Should I shop online?

Creating a hydroponic based grow room can be far from a cheap task, even more so if you haven’t done it before. One of the first steps in becoming a grower is getting the equipment either in-store or online. We are here to give some advice on what to consider when deciding to shop for your hydroponic and grow room supplies online or in-store.

Shopping online for grow room supplies can be a time, money and effort saver. Online stores generally have lowered prices due to the fact of not needing a retail floor and staff. If you register to an online store’s website, chances are that they offer you the choice of receiving a weekly newsletter sent via email or text. These newsletters inform you of any recent deals and offers in attempt to save Hydroponic growers some money.

Retail stores will always continue to rival with the online sellers. They do this by cutting prices and offering in-store deals. Most gardening and hydroponic retail stores contain a second hand items section that you can browse if you are on a tight budget. In addition to these benefits, retailers always have employees that are willing to give advice on the products you are looking to purchase.

Some online stores charge for posting and packaging, this alone could change the mind of someone unsure of where and how to purchase their grow room and hydroponic equipment (we don’t but other charge upto £15!).

Fortunately many online sellers (like us!) remove the P&P charge with larger orders, sometimes even giving them a percentage off after spending over a certain amount, this may be a deal worth taking advantage of if you are looking to purchase all of your grow room setup online at once.

If you do finally decide to purchase your grow room and hydroponic equipment online make sure to research the different sellers. Online stores contain both positive and negative customer reviews which allow you to see if there are any common errors that would affect your purchases and experience.


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