Does PH Affect Plant Growth?

Are pH levels important when it comes to your indoor hydroponic or soil growing system? Just how does water PH or soil PH affect plant growth?

If you want the best possible outcome for your plants, the answer is yes PH levels in both soil and water affect the growth of plants. Many first time growers overlook the acidity levels of their hydroponic nutrient solution, unaware that perfect pH levels are a necessity for a perfect yield.

So pH levels are important… but why?

Many growers, both new and experienced pay no attention to pH levels within their hydroponic system. When the acidity level is at the incorrect level, plants don’t have the strength to take in and keep important nutrients that is need for optimal growth. When the pH level is correct, there is a noticeable healthy change on the plants.

If you are unsure of the right pH level for your current crops, just know that the internet contains all the answers. Look them up!

There are many ways to skin a cat

There are many different methods for growers like you to check the pH levels of your hydroponic solutions. Some are more expensive than others but no matter how much you spend, you will get results.

The cheapest way to measure the acidity levels are to use the pH paper test strips. These contain dye that will change to the colour depends on the pH level of your solution. Use a colour chart to check the current level of acidity. Remember when using this method that it is not always 100% accurate.

Another way of checking your solution’s pH level is using a Liquid pH test kit. This method is recommended for those who have only recently started using a Hydroponic gardening system. These pH test kits contain dye that can be added to the solution you are using. The solution will change colour and then you can determine its pH level using a chart. This method is similar to the paper strip method but more accurate.

One of the best but more expensive ways to get an accurate pH reading is to use a digital meter. These meters are not all similar. The most common is the pen like digital pH meter. With the pen, you can read pH levels easily by placing the correct end into the solution and taking the reading. Make sure to clean the pH tester often for more accurate results.

Keep an eye on the PH throughout your growing

It’s good to keep in mind that when your plants intake the nutrients from your solution, the solution’s pH level rises. Keeping an eye on the acidity level of your nutrient solution and maintaining it will avoid the plant from being damaged and help it grow healthily. Help other first time and experienced growers understand the importance of pH levels in water and soil by sharing this article!


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