Clean your Grow Room : Regularly!

There are many growers out there that have so much going on within their grow room and because of it, they slip up when it comes to maintaining and remembering the importance of a clean, hygienic and sterile growing environment. Without a clean environment, you run the risk of unhealthy and pest ridden plants.

The key to a sterile and clean environment is to sustain clean growing equipment and checking plants for disease and pests before bringing them into your grow room.

Below is a list of things for you to remember, doing so should help keep your grow room clean and healthy.

  • Hand washing is something you need to do on a regular basis when dealing with your crops. Doing so before you enter the room and after you’ve had dealing with diseased or even dead plants and matter.
  • Don’t smoke or use your hands after smoking without cleaning them when working with your indoor growing crops.
  • Get rid of anything dead or dying. Discard of any dead or dying leaves, plants and other matter. Harmful pests, diseases and even mould or fungus love to get their hands on spoiling matter.
  • Give the grow room its own set of gardening tools. If you are using tools for growing both within and outside of your grow room, you run the risk of bringing in outside pests and diseases. Also clean your gardening tools regularly with disinfectant.
  • Don’t let your grow room get too hot and humid. This reduces the risk of the nasty pests and diseases making a home within your grow room.
  • Keep the air flowing. Ventilating your grow room using fans and an exhaust not only cools the grow room but breezing air makes it even harder for fungi and mould to make It their home.
  • When dealing with both indoor and outdoor gardening, don’t do work outside then inside, start with your indoor gardening then your outdoor to prevent bringing outside problems inside.
  • Never give plants too much water. Overwatered crops and instruments welcome the growth of algae, mould, and other harmful formations that could kill your plants.
  • When you have finished gathering your final yield, make sure it is pest and disease free even if you had no problems previously during the crops growth. Disinfect your grow room before starting another growth.

Make sure to keep all of these points in your head. Remembering all of these checks will ensure a healthy and hygienic grow room filled with crops. Sadly you can’t prevent everything bad that will happen to your crops but this list should highly increase the health of your plants and decrease the chances of pests and disease.


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