How to Start a Plant From a Seed

If you are looking to start hydroponic crop growing as a hobby or business, the first thing everyone needs to do is to make important decisions for your first step.

Plant cuttings or seeds?

Every grower should start off with seeds instead of another plant’s clone. Purchasing and starting with seeds ensures you get what you want, using clones from another source may seem like a time saver but you can never be 100% sure in what you are going to get as the clone grows.

Starting from seeds gives you many more options in how you would like to grow your crops whereas options with cuttings are limited.

Pick the correct strains

Starting your own growing project from seeds allows you to pick the seed strains that suit your growing environment the best. If your grow space is located outdoors then you will want to choose a strain of seed that will be able to grow fully before the optimal season for growth is over.

If you are looking for more options in your growing, it is recommended that you grow indoors if you have the space.

Where to grow seeds?

Indoor grow rooms are the best place to grow your crops as you can alter the conditions to perfectly match your crops requirements. Sadly there are still some limitations when growing indoors, such as space and time.

Growing indoors can take up a lot of space if you want high yields and maintaining the indoor equipment that allows you to create the perfect conditions requires more time than if you were to grow outdoors.

Being a beginner grower can be tough and an experienced grower can make these decisions easier. Consider all of the factors of growing indoors and outdoors before picking which seeds you are going to use for your gardening.

How to start off your seeds

If you do decide to use seeds in order to start off your hydroponic growing hobby and project, try to avoid the most common method of starting the seeds off. This common method is using wet paper towels in order to being your grow.

You should avoid this method because the initial roots that come from the seed can be damaged as the paper towels are removed. The roots have tiny hooks used to grab soil and these hooks are often damaged as the damp towels are peeled off.

An alternative and safer method of starting your seeds is to soak them in water from 12 to 24 hours before placing them into their hydroponic, soilless growing container.

Getting the right temperature

Maintaining the correct temperature is also important when it comes to starting your seeds off. Most if not all seeds grow best at around 26C degrees. If your environment can’t keep this temperature try using a seedling mat with a thermostat.

Lighting isn’t very important at this stage of growing. Any general light source does the job as the seeds start to develop. When you transport your seeds from the water into its first container, keep whatever your growing medium is fairly wet, but not drowned otherwise you risk your seedlings being killed.

It will take 5 days to a week for your seeds to germinate. Until your young plants show its first leaves, there is no need to fertilise the seedlings.


Using seeds to start your grow is definitely recommended instead of using other plants cuttings. This way you are sure there is no pests or diseases that will harm your new plants.

Also with the seeds you picked, you know the future plants will match your growing style and environment. Rest easy knowing that your crops are better off when starting from seeds instead of clones.


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