Wide selection of complete grow kits

We offer a wide selection of complete grow kits in the UK, catering to both beginners and pros. Our kits feature top-grade products at the most affordable prices, whether it’s a fully hydroponic or hand-watering setup in coco or soil. Our exceptional service sets us apart from the competition, with quick delivery times and a team of experienced hydroponic experts who are always on hand to provide you with pro-tips and tricks via phone or email.

If you’re unsure of which kit to choose, take a look at our beginner’s guide. We have complete grow kits for every budget, plant type, and indoor growing style.

When selecting a good quality grow tent kit, there are a few essential items to consider. These include high-grade grow tents with reflective sidewalls to maximize the effectiveness of grow lights, grow lights with the right spectrum and intensity to ensure optimal photosynthesis rates, and an extraction system consisting of a duct fan, carbon filter, and ducting to control temperature, remove excess moisture, and eliminate unwanted odors.

Our expert team can assist you with the process of setting up your grow tent kit, including hanging your lights and extraction system and setting up your hydroponics system.

We source only the best quality equipment, such as BudBox Lite and Pro tents, Rhino filter or CarboAir filter, RVK, mixed flow and EC fans, and a range of professional lighting. We also offer kits with hydroponic grow systems, such as the Origin System, which has been a customer favorite for years. Many of our kits include media and nutrients, and we recommend opting for starter packs if you want to add extra nutrients.

To select the best grow tent kit for you, measure your area and choose a kit that maximizes space. We have options for every growing stage, from propagation to flowering.

Buying your grow tent, extraction system, and grow light in one kit makes life easy and saves you money on the products you need. Choose us for the UK’s best selection of complete grow kits, top-quality products, and exceptional service.


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