Cannabis plants light requirements

Cannabis plants have specific light requirements, which differ from those of most house plants. Outdoor cannabis growers require a private space that receives at least eight hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth. These growers typically plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. Due to their rapid growth, cannabis plants need a significant amount of light energy to produce buds. In the wild, a cannabis plant can grow into a tree-sized plant within a year, fueled by the energy it receives from the sun.

Some new indoor growers may be tempted to grow their cannabis plants in a sunny window. However, this is typically not enough to produce a significant amount of buds. While young cannabis plants can grow in bright windows, they usually produce only a few wispy hairs during the flowering stage, and may not produce any buds at all. Indoor cannabis growers almost always require grow lights to achieve successful growth.

Indoor growers usually utilize grow lights with a timer to simulate the sun’s natural cycle, making it easier to turn lights on and off each day. These grow lights vary in size, ranging from CFL light bulbs to larger, specialized lights capable of producing pounds of bud. There are indoor growing options available for everyone, regardless of budget or space limitations, whether they choose to grow in a bucket or an entire room. Setting up an indoor grow space offers limitless options for cannabis growers.


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