How to Setup : Carbon Filter

If you’re growing indoors the last thing you want is to stink up your home with musty plant smells, unless of course you’re growing something that smells lovely! In this short guide I will show you how to setup a carbon filter in your grow tent.

Please note there are many ways to setup a carbon filter inside your grow tent, this is just one of many and is very easy.

Firstly you’ll need all the bits & bobs:

  1. Carbon filter that’s suitable for the size of your grow room
  2. Aluminium ducting or other ducting to connect your filter to the fan
  3. Duct clips for securing an air tight seal between your fan & filter
  4. Hanging equipment such as YOYO hangers
  5. Duct tape for an extra secure seal
  6. A suitable extractor fan for your grow tent

Once you have all that you’re ready to get your carbon filter setup in your groom room in 5 easy steps.

  1. Place your extractor fan outside the grow tent
  2. Connect the ducting to your carbon filter and secure tightly with the duct clips.
  3. Hang the carbon filter from the roof bars of your grow tent with the YOYO hangers
  4. Run the ducting out of one of the ventilation holes in your grow tent
  5. Connect the ducting to the extractor fan using the duct clips

Hey presto your done! Here is an example of a carbon filter setup inside a grow tent.


There are more ways to skin a cat & hang a filter:

One common question we’re asked here at is if you place the carbon filter / fan inside or outside the grow tent. The answer is simple – you can do both!

The main concern is to make sure your extractor fan pulls all the air from your grow room out through your carbon filter, it doesn’t really matter which way it is setup as long as the airflow is going through the filter.

Top tips – reduce noise and make it smell nicer!

Sometimes carbon filters and extractor fans can make a lot of noise, here are some top tips to follow:

  • Mount your extractor to a wall for less vibration
  • Alternatively hang your extractor fan inside the grow tent alongside the filter
  • Place a spongy air freshener inside your filter for a pleasant smell throughout your grow room
  • Upgrade to acoustic ducting for lower vibrations


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