Indoor Hydroponic Methods of Cultivation

There are many different methods and techniques when growing your crops hydroponically. Each hydroponic technique is unique and growers have great reasons for choosing the method they use.

However, there are newer hydroponic growing methods that a lot of growers are unaware of and may find extremely useful and helpful in their hydroponic garden.

The techniques that are explored below may be difficult for beginner growers but after some research, you may find that one of the technique suits you most.

The re-circulating hydroponic method (aquaponics)

One new method of hydroponic growing is the re-circulating system, also known as aquaponics. This new re-circulating system method is catching on to many growers because it is a great way to keep plants clean and fed naturally. The aquaponic method of growing involves the traditional hydroponics while introducing fish culturing (aquaculture) in your closed water system.

If you plan on eating the fruit and vegetables you personally grow, this aquaponic growing method is extremely healthy to your plants and completely natural with no addition of synthetic chemicals needed to help keep pests and other problems away.

The plants in this system clean the water where the fish live, and in turn the fish help feed the plants by producing waste. This fish waste contains nutrients that the plants thrive off.

Deep water culture – not so new but effective

The second technique we are going to look at isn’t the newest however many growers are unaware of it. This hydroponic growing method is the deep water culture system.

The deep water culture technique works great on the smaller or average sized plants, it is not recommended to be used on taller crops. This system involves the roots being submerged in a high concentrate nutrient solution while oxygen is pumped and circulating via the reservoir.

This means that the plants are able to take in a healthy amount of oxygen and nutrients at the same time.

If you do in fact want to use this deep water culture growing technique on larger plants, be sure space them out appropriately so there is no overcrowding and conflict in space. If you want to use different types of plants in this system do mix varieties that don’t grow well if close to one another.

The two techniques stated above are difficult and do require research and study before diving into them. These hydroponic techniques are also very environmentally friendly, especially the re-circulating system. If you are interested in these different ways to grow, try them out! You may find that it suits your style of growing more than your current methods


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