Care for them Early & Reap the Rewards Later

Every grower and gardener knows that caring for plants is very important, however, one of the most important and most forgotten stages in a plants life is the ‘pre-veg’ stage.

This stage is when your very young plant begins to show its roots. This stage is extremely important to the plant and the resulting yield because healthy and well-functioning roots obviously mean a healthier growth and end product. Not dealing with the Pre-veg stage properly could result in a lower yield and a slower plant growth.

Choose your growing method

When the time comes to move your young plant as the pre-veg stage approaches, there is one decision to be made: the soil or hydroponic method of growing your plant.

If you go on to grow your plants using soil, it is recommended that you place your young plant into a small cup like container. If you go ahead using the hydroponic method its best to use the rock-wool blocks or common net pots to place your baby plant in.

PH, Nutrients & Disease Control

Before placing you infant plant into your chosen method of growing, it is necessary to soak it with low nutrient solution. This nutrient solution can be at a pH level of 5.8 for both soil and hydroponic systems.

There are many different nutrient solutions however the best solution for the pre-veg stage should accommodate microbes, vitamin B hormone, macronutrients and fulvates. These nutrients strengthen the plants roots early on. Another thing to make sure of before planting the cutting is the removal of any pests and diseases.

Control the temperature & humidity, zealously

The temperature and humidity need to be kept in check for the best results during the pre-veg stage. A good environment for the plant will prove to be best for its growth and yield. Keeping your grow room at a temperature of 24◦c and a humidity of 60% is the optimal conditions for your young plants.

Moving air is also important for the cutting’s early growth so it is recommended that you purchase fans to keep the air circulating around the room.

Lighting is important in the early plant life

Lighting is another important factor when it comes to a healthy pre-veg stage. The most popular type of light is the T5 lamps. The lighting technique you use depends on your growing style.

You can keep the lights running for 16 – 18 hours a day and leaving the cuttings in 8 hours of darkness or you can leave the T5 lamps running for 24 hours per day which could result in a better root growth for plants.

Asking a professional grower at your local store is recommended when it comes to what lighting technique to use.

Don’t overlook the plants care when it is in its early stages of life. Each growth factor stated above is important especially if you want a great pre-veg stage that would lead on to provide healthy growth and a great harvest.


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