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Carbon Filter & Extractor Fan Kit

£125 £105


3 days 8 hours 30 minutes 26 seconds

Eliminate smells and ventilate your plants with our premium carbon filter & extractor fan kit.

  • Premium product, low price.
  • Eliminates all odours
  • Fits all grow tents
  • FREE tin of california scents
  • FREE hangers, ducting & more

Growing smelly plants? Need to improve the ventilation in your grow tent? Then grab yourself one now.

What size of fan/filter?


Unfortunately, the absence of a dedicated grow-room ventilation system can cause garden odors to flow throughout one’s home.

That’s where the carbon filter comes it: The ultimate kit for any budding botanist, it provides the user with a variety of tools to improve airflow and freshen the scent of his grow-room or grow tent. The kit also comes with a number of miscellaneous items for use in the maintenance and repair of any grow-room ventilation system, including duct clips, tape, and rope ratchets.

The carbon filter & fan kit comes with all of the essential parts of any grow-room ventilation system, starting with the fan. This specialized hydroponic extractor fan is made to fit standard 100mm, 4-inch diameter duct connections, and boasts 187m 3/hour extraction rate. It is paired with a specialty premium activated carbon filter, which can last a staggering 18 months under regular growing conditions.

Because these devices come pre-matched with one another, the customer never have to worry about purchasing an incompatible fan and filter, saving them both time and money.

In addition to these indispensable devices, the kit comes with a variety of great bonuses. With 5 meters of high-quality, puncture-resistant ducting, 3 stainless steel worm drive clip, and a premium rope ratchet and duct tape set, this kit contains sufficient materials for almost any grow room or tent ventilation system.

It even includes a tin of California Scents air freshener, with a scent of the customer’s choosing. This makes the extractor fan & carbon filter kit a must-have for anyone with an interest in hydroponics, and allows it to serve as a sort of botanical first-aid kit for experienced growers.

What Size Kit?

4″ Fan & Filter Kit, 5″ Fan & Filter Kit, 6″ Fan & Filter Kit


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