Question for LED Grow Tent Kit

Hi guys, I want to buy this grow tent kit. My questions are:
1) is it necessary a timer for the light? If yes is possible to include into the kit? How much is the price?
2) PH Testing Kit + PH UP & Down
Soil Testing Meter (If Soil Kit Chosen)
Hydrometer for measuring temperature & humidity
Are these included in the 5 plant soil kit?
3) if I order now, there is any chance to delivery tomorrow or on saturday?

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One thought on “Question for LED Grow Tent Kit

  1. Lee says:

    A timer is included in the kit. With the 5 plant soil kit you kit a soil meter, hydrometer & PH kit. If you order now your items will be shipped tomorrow and should arrive on Monday/Tuesday. Our couriers don’t do Saturday deliveries.

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