Question for CFL Grow Lights

Thanks, but “Page not found” crap keeps coming up.
So, If I plugged the 300w dual into the current surge-protected multi, it should be ok methinks.

One last Q? Would you reckon this kit would work on one plant? I could hang a few 30w cfls randomly around it, just for extra spread I suppose.

What ye reckon neebs? Will it do the job? or would you suggest something else? I`m just across the water BTW. lol.

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One thought on “Question for CFL Grow Lights

  1. Lee says:

    It would work very well, it’s dual spectrum so will work from start to finish, it should be fine on it’s own, we offer this very same light with kits that are designed for 5+ plants. They are terrific bulbs. Since you’re a fellow Scot we’ll chuck in a couple of extras if you order it, just send us an email once you’ve ordered and I’ll get you sorted.

    Also if you could email us about the page not found nonsense would be appreciated, I will pass it onto the website designer to take a look at – we try to keep everything working smoothly

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