How to Keep your Grow Tent Cool

Not everyone who grows crops and plants has the space to do it outdoors and this can become a problem in the summer months as the heat rises. It is highly recommended that you keep your grow room cool during the hottest period of the year, stated below are a few simple ideas and tips on how to keep your grow room at a cool temperature during the heated season.


Ventilation is a must when it comes to keeping your grow room cool. Using fans in the grow room will help defeat the harmful temperature rising in the summer. When using this type of ventilation, make sure to not face the fans directly onto the plants. Reflecting the moving air against a wall or away from the plants will keep air moving within the grow room while avoiding harm on the crops.

An exhaust vent is also a must have when attempting to keep your grow room cool as it removes the hot air from the inside by pushing it outside.


The lighting within the grow room also has an impact on the heat within it. Running the light cycle within the cooler, later hours of the day will avoid plants overheating within the grow room. The heat generated from the powerful lamps and the summer season combined will bring heat stress on the plants. Using air-cooled lamps can be an effective way to keep the grow room cooler within the summer months too.


Another method of keeping the grow room cooled would be to use a portable air conditioner. However, this is a pricey method if you do not already own one that can be used within the grow room.


A grow room with too many crops inside could also assist in raising the temperature. If you do not have enough space to remove most of the plants within the grow room outside, try moving as much plants as you can to avoid overcrowding. This problem will increase the heat generated along with increasing humidity.

With less plants within the grow room, the cooler it will stay during the summer.

A final method of keeping your plants healthy within the grow room would be to use the popular product Potassium Silicate. If you are not already using this on your plants, it is recommended that you do. This product is a cheap and simple way to improve the plant’s sustainability against most harmful things.

Using these different methods and ideas on how to keep your grow room cool in the summer if unable to move the plants outside should keep the temperature cool and steady, allowing your crop plants to stay healthy, even in the hot climate.




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