What is the best way to flush plants?

So you’ve been growing some basel or some other herbs and you don’t want them tasting like those nasty synthetic nutrients. The question is how do you go about it? Today we are going to show you the very best way to flush plants before you use them.

If you’ve been using organic fertilizers such as bat guano then you can skip this whole process, flushing is for getting rid of the harsh chemical taste from synthetic fertilizers, it will make your fruits taste better.

Getting ready for the flush:

  • 10-14 days before you’re ready to harvest stop using nutrients
  • Use plain water for the last 10 day period of your plants growth cycle
  • If using hydroponics you may want to invest in a flushing solution

That’s easy! Why should I flush my plants?

As previously mentioned flushing plants is usually only required when using synthetic nutrients. When using these products there is a mineral build-up which attaches to your plants roots, this can cause a harsh or strange chemical like taste when eating them.

The stress caused by the over-watering also helps to bring on the ripening of the fruit as the plant uses any excess mineral build up. Your fruit will also gain some much need girth as they soak up the water.

What kind of plants shouldn’t I flush?

If you’re growing tomatoes you may want to think again before flushing, the excess water can cause the fruit to burst. Any kind of herb or fruit that get’s eaten straight away should be cleared of all synthetic nutrients.

Anything else I should know?

  • Be weary of of any commercial flushing products that seem to good to be true.
  • Add molasses or vanilla extract for an extra blast of flavour in your fruit


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