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Large Grow Tent Kits

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4.11 out of 5

Complete system that has everything you need for 15 plants.

  • 120x240x200cm Grow Tent
  • 2x 600w HPS Grow Light
  • 2x Euro Style Reflector
  • 2x 600w Grow Light Ballast
  • 125mm Virgin Carbon Filter
  • 125mm Extractor Fan
  • 100mm Intake Fan
  • Ducting & Clips
  • Heavy Duty Plug in Timer
  • YOYO Light Hangers
  • California Scents Spray

Professional Grow Kit:

Tent Options

Tent Options


Think big? Start growing upto 15 plants right now

After years of serving the needs of indoor growers nationwide and listening to their needs, we decided to come up with an affordable, self contained, COMPLETE GROW KIT for growers who would like to bring their gardens inside.

We’ve listened to our customers and we know that many want to grow enough fruits and vegetable for their family but are often frustrated at the lack of options, high shipping costs and poor quality. has answered the call by putting together a complete, turn-key system that gives growers everything they need to start growing a successful and enjoyable indoor fruit or vegetable garden!

We’ve combined a large grow tent, 2x 600w HPS lights and the proper ventilation/circulation equipment that takes the guess work out of getting set-up allowing you to get growing!

The key features of this professional grade large grow kit include:


– 99% reflective interior, plenty of ventilation holes, sockets holes and twin doors make this the PERFECT grow environment for your plants. Comfortably fit 15 plants in this monster grow tent.


– 2 of our super POWERFUL 600w HPS grow light kits. OVER 25,000 of these have been sold over the years and they are RELIABLE, POWERFUL & comes with everything you need (ballast, reflector, bulb & plug in timer). The 2 600w light kits you receive will give your plants they ENERGY THEY REQUIRE.


– A DYNAMIC & long lasting virgin activated 125mm carbon filter. Rid your grow room of any unwanted plants smells, easily and effectively.


– A COMPLETE VENTILATION AND EXTRACTION KIT. 125mm intake and extraction fans ensure the OPTIMUM air flow throughout your grow tent. COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES ducting, clips, fans and a carbon filter. (optional)


Now you can get A COMPLETE GROWING SYSTEM with our optional extras, choose from hydroponics or soil:

  • Complete soil/coco growing system with pots, soil & nutrients
  • Complete NFT hydroponics system with nutrients for super yields
  • Odour & environment control with a carbon filter & extractor fan

All our professional grow kits come with these added extras:

  • PH Testing Kit + PH UP & Down
  • Soil Testing Meter (If Soil Kit Chosen)
  • Hydrometer for measuring temperature & humidity

Are you ready to grow? Select your options below:

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  2. 4 out of 5


    Excellent item as always! Highly recommended:)

  3. 5 out of 5


    fast delivery and well packaged highly reccomend

  4. 4 out of 5


    good product

  5. 4 out of 5


    Super fast delivery & a pleasure to deal with thank you!!!!

  6. 4 out of 5


    Good transaction, good price, quick delivery

  7. 4 out of 5


    Really fast delivery. Would recommend

  8. 4 out of 5


    Apart from the delivery company delivering it to the wrong house I liked it

  9. 4 out of 5


    Prompt delivery and great packaging, thanks

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Q: How big is your large grow tent ? Do u supply a 15 plant full hydro kit with the package. Thanks
— Asked by Leon on November 27, 2014
A: The tent is 120cm deep, 240cm wide and 200cm high. You can choose the hydroponics version which is enough for 15 plants or the soil version for 15 plants under professional grow kit at the top of this page.
— http://Lee
Q: is it possible to purchase the large grow tent kit with soil pots etc? how much would this be for around ten plants? as an additional cost?
— Asked by chris on May 23, 2014
A: Hi, <p> We offer a 5 plant kit with soil a nutrients here</p> <p>We also offer extra pots here</P> <p>And extra soil</p> <p>This should allow you to customise up to 16 plants which you should easily be able to fit into this grow tent kit</p>
— http://Lee
Q: what make or brand of tent do you supply with the 2x600 watt lights
— Asked by roy houghton on December 3, 2014
A: It's a black orchid tent
— http://Lee
Q: Hello Is the 4 inch fan enough for the size of the room? And what is the brand of the fan?i just want to search how noisy he is Apart of that im happy with the product and thinking i`m having one very soon Thanks
— Asked by Joao Viana on January 12, 2016
A: Hi the Large Kits come with 2 fans. A 5" Extractor and a 4" inlet. They are Black Orchid fans
— http://KeithDavies

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