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120X240X200 Grow Tent

£249 £195

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A huge grow tent that has enough space for 10-20+ plants.

  • 240x120x200 Buddha Grow Tent
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Fully light proof & reflective interior
  • Premium build quality with 1 year warranty
  • Space for 2x light kits and carbon filter kit
  • Built in ventilation for maximum air-flow

Looking to grow plants indoors? Then this is the grow tent that will allow you to grow any size plants!

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  • Dispatched within 24 hours*
  • FREE 1 year warranty*
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Protect your seedlings and allow them to blossom beautifully with the 120X240X200 Grow Tent from Grow Genius. This spacious, covered tent helps prevent problems and creates a healthy environment for flowers and plants to mature in.

Harmful elements cannot penetrate the mylar covering, and growers have total control of an environment that is waterproof, critter proof and light proof. The material ensures plants get enough light because the fabric is 95% light reflective, and the properties in the material also help distribute light so the plants can grow fast.

The grow tent assembles quickly and has equipment bars and space for a 600w light kit and carbon filter.

This large grow tent is easy to manage because it is already prepared for extraction and ventilation and is durable and long-lasting.

While the amount of plants that can be housed in the tent will vary based on plant size, there is enough room to comfortably grow 15 small, medium or large plants. 25 small or medium plants will also have enough space in this tent, and it is hard to find tents that offer more room.

You can get this grow tent in time for planting season because Grow Genius ships products from Fife, Scotland within 24 hours of purchase. The company has been selling hydroponic equipment since 2005 and offers a large range of high quality tents and accessories.

Grow Genius is popular because of low prices and generous warranty offers. This large tent has a free one year warranty and comes with free shipping.

Your plants will look better and last longer if they are grown right, and the 120X240X200 Grow Tent is big enough to provide excellent care for up to 25 plants. You can monitor your plants, tailor their surroundings to their needs and easily tend to plants or extract them. Grow Genius makes ordering simple and helps your plants prosper.

Grow Genius Guarantee

  • FREE postage on orders over £200
  • Dispatched within 24 hours*
  • FREE 1 year warranty*