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Complete Hydroponics & Soil Growing Kits

If you're looking to grow at home then nothing beats one of our complete growing systems. Whether you're choose to grow with hydroponics or soil we have kits to accommodate all your green fingered needs. Starting your first grow? More experienced, no matter your skill level we've got the kit for you.

Hydroponics Kits

Hydroponics sounds scary & complicated but in reality it is a very simple and hassle free way to start growing indoors. Your plants will have their roots suspended in a nutrient rich solution that will feed them. All you have to do is top-up the solution every so often and check on your plants development to ensure they are getting the correct amount of light/water & feed.

All of the kits we offer at grow genius are suitable for hydroponic growing. We do have special kits that are perfect for 4 & 8 plants.

Soil Growing Kits

People have been growing plants for thousands of years in soil, it's easy and works amazingly well, of course it's completely natural too. All you need to do is pop your seeds or cuttings into the soil add some water and you're done. The plants will get their nutrients from the soil and as they begin to flower you can add nutrients to ensure they grow bigger, faster & stronger!

Growing in soil is the perfect way to start your indoor garden, all you need is some pots and nutrient rich soil which you can pickup from any decent garden store.

Many people swear by hydroponically grown plants, it does offer better yields & faster growth than conventional soil methods however if you don't have the expertise or knowledge then there is also a lot more that could go wrong.

So which grow tent kit do you choose?

All you need to do is ask yourself one simple question: How well do you know your plants?

If this is your first time or you are just starting to grow then choose a soil package. If you have done it a few times or are willing to make mistakes and learn then hydroponics is for you.

Either way, plants are hardy things, give them light, give them feed and they will grow.


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